*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended our in-person Sunday services, small groups, and other events. Instead, our is posted on Sunday mornings, onFridays!
See our Health and Safety page for details, as well as a message from our lead pastor, Aaron Kuhnert.


Coronavirus Updates
As we trust God with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we should also exercise wisdom at this time. After consulting with the Athens County Health Commissioner, we have decided to suspend all in-person church functions- Sunday services, small groups, and all other events- for the time being. This page summarizes our future plans as well as some best practices to help our church and community.

Sunday Services

  1. By recommendation from the Athens County Health Commissioner, we are suspending Sunday services for now. However, God's mission doesn't stop because we can't meet together!
  2. On Sunday mornings we will make an Online Church Service page and an Online Brookfield Kids page go live. You and the people in your home can follow along together! Similar to our regular service format, there is an opportunity to worship, hear announcements, hear teaching, and pray for each other.

Small Groups and Other Events

  1. Small groups are suspended for the time being.
  2. All other events are canceled for now.

For more information on the COVID-19 virus, please refer to some of the resources below. To our knowledge, these resources are being updated regularly:

COVID-19 Summary Page (CDC)
People at higher risk (CDC)
Prevention and Treatment (CDC)