*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have suspended our in-person Sunday services, small groups, and other events. Instead, our online church service is posted on Sunday mornings, and online Kids Church is posted on Fridays!
See our Health and Safety page for details, as well as a message from our lead pastor, Aaron Kuhnert.


Letter from Lead Pastor Aaron Kuhnert

Hey everyone,

As recommended procedures and restrictions for the coronavirus continue to roll out, the church has to continue to make adjustments as to how we function.

David Carter and I spoke with the Athens County Health Commissioner again this morning and he advised that we suspend all of our Sunday gatherings and small groups for the time being. I was not at all surprised by his decision. This is completely in line with what is happening for every place that gathers people in Ohio and now around the US…the Universities, public and private schools, all sports gatherings, your favorite coffee shop or restaurant…and now your church and small group.

Do not let this cause you to fear. Jesus is in control of all of this and I know that he is going to work this for his glory and the good of those who love him. Let’s choose with our hearts, minds, and actions to trust him. If we do…I know that he will work something good in each of us…something that we wouldn’t trade for the comfort of gathering together as a church or dining in at our favorite restaurant. We’ll make it through this. We are all along for the ride anyway, we may as well make the most of it! Ask Jesus… “What are you trying to grow in me through this season?”

Some changes: Sunday church services, small groups, the Brookfield Series, and all other church gatherings are suspended at this time. The church office is also closed. The Brookfield Staff will be working from home for the time being and I am recommending they greatly limit face-to-face meetings and follow recommended standards for “social distancing” during this time.

This Sunday we will launch an online church service! The plan is to have a page on our website with links to “worship lyric videos” chosen by Alex Calvert our staff worship leader, maybe some announcements, an audio recording of a Bible teaching for the week, and then a closing worship video. The hope is to try to mirror a typical Sunday service at Brookfield and stay in unity following Jesus together while we are apart physically. Let’s worship God together in faith this Sunday!

As always, please feel free to email myself, David or Nate with any questions.  

Aaron Kuhnert
Lead Pastor